Eddy Goldfarb, who is ninety-eight, created such classics as the bubble gun, chattering teeth, and Kerplunk! Here’s how he did it.

Well I was always optimistic.
I always believed things are gonna turn out okay.
I annoy people with my optimism.
People who, why don't you face reality and stuff?
Well, I think I'm right.
I think being optimistic helps me a lot.

Before going to sleep the night before
I usually go over the events of the day
and review the problems encountered in my work.
During the night, everything becomes much clearer,
and even some of yesterday's problems are solved.
I sometimes think that I got a little help
from family and friends that are no longer with us.
Rain or snow, cloudy or sunny,
it's a new, wonderful opportunity that we are given.
It's going to be a big day.


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