December 30, 2020 |

An abundance of yellow and abundance of all time highs for SP.

The woke that keeps on giving. about 50 times for at least 400 big points. whenever stimulus hopes are reduced the market plummet because not immediate gratification. Its always just a matter of time until d's ,male.

D's male a money out of r's and gain the week prize by augmenting the stimulus and making r's looks like scrooge until the r's reluctantly split the difference at first and then capitulate entirely to d's there by sanctifying that collectivism is all powerful, gov all

Powerful and wise and the individual doesn't know how to handle choice and capital at all.

Main contagion is the spread of woke among all the swamp and those who live there. r's are infected –afraid to rock the boat- upset their friends. r's keep succumbing to absurd biased views of dr. cattle. Supremes afraid of riots so don't wish to rocker's afraid of media.

Is they cover the son of the big guy and if as said they demean themselves by letting public have choice and business except on the coasts continue without draconian restrictions. phil kerpen has proper statistics on these matters.

Todays blog would have had prediction of seasonality in gold, review of NY posts tips for buying dogs and going with the sharps near the game and playing the under. all with direct correspondence to trading . also beautiful discussion of descent with modification form Princeton.

Guide to evolution and detailed discussion of Harvard trying to encourage aluminic to buy 10 venture capital pools they make up. Sure symptom of swan song of venture capital as Harvard has worst investment record of all by eschewing buying index funds and paying exorbitant.

One absurdity of Harvard fees to their employees is that they don't take into account the cost of raising capital. a normal hedge fund pays 10% fo the marketing manager who raises their money. Harvard is able to pull the wool over all the naïve profs by paying many employees.

20 times what the highest professor received. H points out that their adviser beat their bogey by x% and therefore made the endowment 20 million more than if had just bought an etf. you'd think that some prof would have the sense to point out the 100 flaws in this reasoning.

One wishes he had a fund of 50 billion under management and was paid inventive on how much a sector beats the bogey ( without regard to the misses) without regard to the funds the appeared from Heaven.

The Good one can only guess on how many fees are embedded in the 10 venture capital funds they offer to their naïve alumni . on the inside cover an ad for these funds of h magazine. you wouldn't believe things like this unless it was clear on the front cover.

Of course the below about H is just my opinion . however I would speculate that any errors I have made that paint a darker picture are counterbalanced many fold by darker items I have left out.

All attorneys should receive a course in the statistics with particular reference to what is the p probability of recording a sample of 10000 + where the percentage on one side is say 90% and another sample has a % on one side of (say 60% a knowledge of the binomial theorem and an ability to run rudimentary simulations is a good starter. the standard error of the outcome of observed from a sample of 10000 with p of 1/2 is 50 … If you observe say 5500 heads rather than the expected 5000 the chances of this occurring by chance is approx. 1 in billion.





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