December 30, 2020 |

Wiswell proverbs for board games , life, and markets inspired by Mr. Srivatsan. 1 " if you see a good move(trade) don't market it look for a better one: if you see a better move, don't make it. look for the best. 2.I know one player, player who does not smoke, cigars, cigarettes or a pipe. Dr. Marion Tinsley and his game is much better for it( he is generally considered the best checker player of all time. 3.Winning a loss. " a win is a win is a win". 4.Some are destroyed by defeat and some are made small by victory. Greatness lies on one who triumphs equally over defeat and victory (is) 5.Houdinie once said that checkers was the only riddle he could not solve.6 the real secret of patience is to continue thinking while its your opponents move not just when it's your move, your game is often less strong in the ending than it appeared in the opening. the truth of the matter is that it was lost in the middle.7. If you strike strike at a king. you must kill him, half measures will not work. 8. Some players set traps in the opening that in the end lead to their defeat. 9. It is always wise to remember that your opponent may be just as scheming as you. 10. Protect your own double corner, and use your use your single corner to attach your opponents double corner. remember a player with a strong double corner is double hard to corner. 11. a million years ago: the good old days. so many moves , so many variations, so many friends( now Wiswell and I will put on our hats and study some more) 





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