December 28, 2020 |

Market on 12 -22 gave typical example of how courage trumps everything with lessons from woke-stock market interaction and how not to do a study with infinite multiple classification

Niederhoffer Sennett Daily Market Web 2020/12/22 via @YouTube. Here is video that captures courage and multiple classifications and woke

Tune in today's video for tribute to James Lorie the Mendeleyev, of stock market data, i.e. the builder of the stock market periodic table, and the key builder of the Chicago style of bus .education. also, a second father to me. also the incredible silliness of a 5o point decline 

Pulled a rabbit out of close very exciting day. many general principles meals for a life time to learn. Perhaps subscribe to my YouTube channel :

The market loves to swoon anything incumbent.  last week is good example. last two days it had 5 panics when non-woke things flit thru tair. we covered some of them in video. the threat worse than execution et al. most important tribute to a great man my squash partner James Lorie.

Niederhoffer Sennett Daily Market Web 2020/12/23 via@YouTube 





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