December 3, 2020 |

always remember that one of the main purposes of markets is to induce vig to make the public churn and generally to do the wrong thing

no betterexample of this is gold..itwent dlwncontinuusy 200 bucks about 9 in 10 days lat 2 weeks.whetherbitcoitnwent up or downwhether sp was up ordonw,whether thewokes were inascendancy ornnot. then out of clear blue sky yest it went up 40 bucks

np better example ofhtis is how the market movesaroundat the opening it goes above andbelwo teh sogi byy5 points. the only way you ca catchit is to do a market order..the high frequency boy beat you and create 1 fuull pointn of vig . i.e if yuselll a=whenits at 55 you're lucky

upi get 5375 for morehtna 5 contracts. if you try to disgusie your order, the clearing firms alll have algoriths to repor tyou to the excange. you have to sign a a doc when they haul you infor hiding your limits that you wont reveal the star chanbericeedings. if you try to

simulat e to reduce the vig edge,they charge you for spoofing. and the courts amaingly have been convinced that trying to lelvel the playingfield inone or a dozen ways is a crime where the punishment can be 1000 times the dollars at issue.

a numberof bkgmediasent memosoutthatwe face uncertaintimes and stocks coud go down for a hundred different reasons. are there more reasons now than the average of the last 100years. andif so is it bullish orbearsih. my favorite newspaper is one of the main culprit in this

but i have tos ay that the big data srive provider was 100% bearish before the electionto create a terriblel aura . but now they are much more neutral . again is this bull or bear: 





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