December 3, 2020 |

Laurence Glazier writes: 

In Sci Fi the Peter Hamilton trilogies and Adrian Tchaikovsky's tales.

But my main find in 2020 is the app Notion - - and among other uses for it I have been applying Tiago Forte's Second Brain method for storing favourite snippets for future access. If anything I find more wisdom in fiction than non-fiction. in a sense that makes it truer.

James Goldcamp  writes: 

Hi Laurence - Can you expand on how you use this app and Second Brain method.  I've actually been contemplating some kind of note app particularly for the purpose of putting excerpts and ideas from things I read or thoughts I have more at my fingertips. I've willfully resisted such technology to this point but think something along these lines might be useful

Leo Jao writes: 

Just checked a bit on Notion, can't yet recommend about its advantages, but have noticed major drawbacks of a note taking software.  In the past years, I have tried and used quite a few of them.  Of course in this age, a key feature is being able to sync notes across devices.  The big names include Evernote, OneNote, Keep, in addition to other lesser known one's.  One issue is at some point in time, one gets concerned about privacy and security of the contents, as with these sync'able platforms, contents are all stored in their servers.  For this or other reasons, one wants to switch to other platforms at some point.  There then is a key issue: one can't easily take the contents away!  Notion has these two issues.  I see that it can export a single note, but misses a feature of exporting all notes.

For the past year, I settled on an open source software called Joplin.  For syncing, it provides various ways without having to use a public server.  Notes can be easily exported.


Michael Chuprin writes: 

Victor's contribution to this thread:
In no specific order:
1.The Psychology of Speculation: The Human Element in Stock Market Transactions
2.Fourteen Methods of Operating in the Stock Market
3.The Mad Dog 100: The Greatest Sports Arguments of All Time
4.Wealth, War and Wisdom
5.The West of the Imagination
7.Regression Analysis and Linear Models: Concepts, Applications, and Implementation
8.Man on Earth: A Celebration of Mankind: Portraits of Human Culture in a Multitude of Environments
9.Voices of the French Revolution
10.The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1781-1997
11.Lone Star Rising: The Texas Rangers Trilogy





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