New High for BTC

December 1, 2020 |

Andrew Aiken writes: 

BTC made a new ATH this morning, nominally at least.

I expect a strong breakthrough move, although such a move may take a few days.

The rally from March has not been accompanied by much notice from retail financial media.

Instead, there has been significant adoption by traditional money managers (Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, etc) and corporate treasuries (e.g. Microstrategy).

For lower-risk exposure to crypto, I suggest taking a look at Galaxy Digital Holdings (ADR: BRPHF), a crypto-focused asset management firm with additional lines of business in prime brokerage, market-making, and investment banking in the space. 

At current BTC and ETH prices, it trades at an 8% discount to tangible book value (not AUM).

The firm holds 16,651 BTC ($327M) in its corporate treasury alone.

Dendi Suhubdy writes: 

Fyi I’m building a crypto derivatives exchange test it out here Will be live on on new years eve





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