Larry W  writes: 

Who wants to watch a game when you know it will be a lopsided victory?

Only die-hards. If you have been told by the MSM your guy, who you are only luke-warm about to begin with, is 10 points up….no need to go vote.

MSM shoots themselves in the foot.!

Gus Glads  writes: 

Larry– I see your point and, to some extent, that explains 2016. 

But it's a different kind of "game" this time around. This isn't about voting for "your guy" to win. It's about voting down the other "guy" because you'll do whatever it takes to ensure that he loses. And the bigger the loss on the scoreboard the better. A much different calculus, which will lead to much different behavior this time around.

Larry W  writes: 

Disagree turn out is based on enthusiasm not hate—look at RR and BObam turn outs as an example  hate/revenge, surveys say, do not turn out voters

Gus Glads  writes: 

I agree Larry but you’re talking about normal times, with normal candidates 

No precedent for what he’s created

Record #s will be recorded this election 

He has dug his own hole and it’s deep

Too many think he has some magic dust that he’s sprinkling — ain’t no magic in that dust my friends.


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