Election Thoughts

October 19, 2020 |

Peter Ringel  writes: 

love all of these relative strength thoughts / models.

The market is much stronger than the seasonal pattern

Thus the next seasonal low should springboard a better than usual rally

If trump wins expect larger rally than if biden carries the day (better rallies when party stays in power, thanks JH)

That’s my strategy

I don't known what drove this rally, but I assume election uncertainty is bearish. Since the mkt is not - we have a monster driver in here.

There's a humongous fungus amungus!

 … disprove my fear of a  media/swamp

Wait ! there is any doubt left ? :)

K. K. Law  writes: 

Don't know for sure, but the recent bull trend could correlate with the potential Trump November win. Will see if it will take out the Aug/Sept highs. If it forms a double top and reverses, that would be a different story.


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