Supply Chain

October 16, 2020 |

A few months ago Ralph mentioned the possibility of supply chain disruptions. My seawater pump on my sailboat is leaking.  When I went to try order a new pump the supplier said there are no sea water pumps in the country, and the manufacturer has been shut down for 2 months due to covid.  I'm on a waiting list.  

I also questioned the effects on real estate. In Hawaii my broker friend tells me that buyers from the mainland are snapping up multimillion dollars houses sight unseen and that prices are strong. They must figure that if they work remotely, why not be in Hawaii.   They haven't experienced the time difference.  I'll tell you that waking up at 3am in the morning is not easy, and it also means you have to go to bed early, so its tough. But someone's got to do it. 
The Airbnb's are all shut down, so I think some of those are on market.   
Due to a lack of tourists and snow birds I'm guessing the rental market is not as tight as it was.  We have no horn honking tourists and no heavy traffic, so its quite nice.
 I'm pushing our candidates to ease off on the heavy dependance on tourism as it can be destructive and unreliable.  Better industries in tech, like the woman who won the Nobel prize discovering the Black Hole in the center of Milky Way at Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea.  A friend worked up there as a tech up there for his entire career.


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