Huvve Soo

October 13, 2020 |

Huvve Soo is a powerful expression of the markets at Dalal Street in Mumbai. A phrase from the more popular vernacular on this street, i.e. Gujarati language is chuckled up to mean literally Now what or so What! 
An expression that without the slightest of the twitch of the nose or lifting of the eyelids is slowly muttered out with a warm breath. 
So if Trump Wins, the traders on Dalal Street may say with boredom Huvvee Soo. 
However, if Trump loses, my surmise is the whole world may ask "Now what will happen?". 
This world has got aligned to having far right regimes across the globe. Arguably the most influential nation losing that far right stance will mean this wave of far right governments across continents is coming to an abrupt halt. Never in the 20th century, if my memory serves right, the difference between the GDP Growth Rate differential between China and the rest of the world was wider! While it was a point of global angst when everyone was doing well and China was doing too well, it is going to be hurting all sensibilities much more when China has begun to do well, being the only nation with a positive GDP growth rate and everyone else is hovering at -10% just now. 
I can go on and on to explain my bias that if Trump loses this wont be the same world I have been happy in for several years. But thats my own bias. 
In marketspeak, I place another surmise that the usual thing many a bettors on the bourses do around a major election that they use the election betting rink as a hedge to their market exposure will fail either ways this time! 
Whether Trump wins or he loses, markets are likely to do a Huvve Soo either side. Its another story politically i may feel happy if the aggressive big man with yellow hair wins & with that happiness I may still short the markets if a reversal works out with the typical huvve soo. 
But the point on the table for eventual dismissal after evaluation by the wiser on this list is: The election betting market will fail to predict the S&P this time round. Whatdyasay? 


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