October 13, 2020 |

much discussio has takenpalce that after the election with bidne continuing to maxiize hsi lead at 31 percentage pts, the r willnever again be elected. the three new states , the end of the filibuster, have been mentioned, the widening of voting to felons and open borders

what not mentioend is that all the new bailouts create new voters beholden to big government, ,socialized activiity, , ith each new deal more become beholden.. the money spent on bailouts could have been spent by consuemrs on consump. future output will take big hit

https://listverse.com/2014/05/02/10-cruel-death-marches-from-modern-history/ add to this the steady drum beat of incresing government before electionthat now has market totallly in favor of d's and more socializationk, and higher taxes, and soaking the rich.

The d and obvilioysly hodlignitheir fire ad challenger mover to the center to garner votes, but harris and sanders havehungry lookds and like the french rev after they gain power, the chinese walls will break down.


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