October 7, 2020 |

okay i do know much about racket sports. everal readers have given their take. but it's like faking a drop shot, and having your adversary rush to the net and then hitting him in the testiacles with a hard drive

i try not to tweet about things i am ignorant about but my ignorance is great. if some fencer can say what tripe intentions really is , the readers and I would reallly appreciate it

that John Normile many time national epee champion and market maven

nadi laments in his book that very few of the modern 20 th century fenncers actually use triple intentions any more. shout out to johoon normile who was nat. e[ee champpion who alerted me to this lapse in modernday fencning a nd markets

https://amazon.com/Fencing-Aldo-Nadi/dp/188452804X triple intention is faking a move that yo ur opponent reacts to and then making your coutner move to his delivery

nadi on triple intention

chabce gardner should be on triple guard today. 1last tiime he killed market. as 2 he did yesterday with illl chosen naivewords. and 3 presumably mrk tokhim to the wood shed after 2

back to 3pm level tues except for 4% drop inlast hour. pres continues to fall behind by 24% from chall. bonds finally showing that Mises predicted with runawy inflation ultimately at new low again

amazing that of all that have come down from the vistorian age, the most resonant one is the series of comic operas by G and S. i find the same self dealing ,posturing in congress then as now. if you want to be ruler of the queens navy stay close to your cellar. wear mask

kudlow must have been in quaran pres must have acted without him. kudlow sayihg to himself " i told you so. dont go off on a limb. consult me first as you have in past. pres is his own man even though he know as little about sp as chance gardner does about economy.what a combo

amazing pres seems think he won debate, that the women dont see their abusve divorced husbands in him but now chall pretnds that he;s not a socialist ,that all his previous leanings were window dressings. lets see if most lib record in congress ms. harris can pull sme trick

surprise annouce was good for 1000 dow pts down in just 2 hours at low of 500 pm. lost in shuffle was cattle trader trying to cover up hier emails with accuation of russian collusion by opponent. no sympathy surge for pres. no matter what he does, its against him

incumb is feeling better but his bettigodds witih at keast 159mm wagered keep going against him. now 61% vs 25% against. even more worrisome is chances of repub senate at 64-36 against. the surprise announcemnet at 250 pn nust have taken Kudlow by surprise as in middle of da 


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