October 6, 2020 |

one improtant lesson to learn is to hae astoppping rule concerning an activity when there has been a run of good fotune rhather than a loss..e.g.. the idea of stoppping when youlve lost a thousand bucks at vegas is worse than stopping when youve made a thou.

there will be no moreo predictions forom this twitter for a while.

one of those days where every half hour price from 6 pm to present was withing 7 pts of open or preivous price. public has no rite to be insulated from loss so much as bacon would say.

this has to be tested as everything else.. i would say this applies to a series of trades with the same gravumen rather than to an individual disparate trade

bonds very quietly arabesking to a 20 day low at open

the wikipedia page on the french revolution iswritten from a woke perspective. no mantionwhatsoever aobut the reign of terror and the 10000 who were guillotine and loss of property. one of causes according to wiki was the deregulation of prices. the french revolution

to me is very relevant to today especially as a predictor of the increasing interventions and big government sure to come especiallyif the incumbent wins

17000 not 10000

a better summary then wiki on the reign of terror, the law of 22, the 50000 to 220000 that were killed


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