October 5, 2020 |

market has never been down more than 25 at 9 am on an employment analysis. it was bearishas of thur close. the tendency on the times it was down aroudn25 is for it to down to 910 then up. only 6 obseervations . on major pres. illnesses the market recovers after thefirst day . then by 5 days lat er iit's bak to the pre sickness news. the pres ods moved to 60% versus 35% for 'challanger. that should keep it down for the early hours

usually the m market knows about these events before it anouced. perhaps the declineat 210 on thur. was related to thsi announcement i see no other evidence of any front running

mr ag trader tweets that cpper knew before hand but stocks cratered at 12 35 am going down 1% , as far as u can see cper made a mmajormove up at 330 am. perhaps im mssiing some thing. i dont trade copperr-lack of liquidity. susan was first woman copper trader on floor

as marty riesman would say next five minutes from 915 to 920 am et arekey. danger of falllign to round number seems less liekly at 920 bulll frhm there

the glitter falls off at 945 acck=odriding tomy numbers willl we be visitign mr. sogi beofroe then>

mr sogi i lll have to leave you above 3353 you cant have breakfast alll day

mr. sogi it;s bee too log since i visitied you in your favorite adobe. i ;m sort of close to you and they say surfing is very good for keepihg healthy for those of age 


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