A hypotthesis

September 30, 2020 |

Victor Niederhoffer writes: 

If  a devil were to cast a spell and  alll  wealthy from specualting and investing would be confiscated, in addition  to the bilious billionaires whoa rare guarding the selfish genese of their progeny, i would say that the market would go  up…  the same reaction to  tehh broe businesses and schooll closure and social isoaltioon  and  propaganda of the resistance and violence that  we see charactirzed by   the  dem leader tearing up the state of union massge.. okay here is the query . why a re investors so self destrucitve that they hope for an inumbent win.  the way the did for the cattle trader? 

Arthur Khaldarov  writes: 

because in the end they make a lot more with someone who is predictable and controllable. What good money is if you can't control/buy power with it? Another boat or a house?

Jordan Neuman writes: 

The market is now predominantly big tech.  Aren't those really Democratic stocks now?


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