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September 15, 2020 |

Leo Jia writes: 

They teach us to be patriotic, to follow the leader to study communism, sing communist song, and swear by the communist sign.  But did you know, the author of communism was a German, the composer of the communist song was a French, and the creators of the communist sign were Russians?  Did you also know, while teaching us to be patriotic and communists, they deposit their huge amount of money in Switzerland, send their wives, lovers, and children to America, and buy houses in Canada and Australia?

Peter Ringel writes: 

Its good to be patriotic.

The dirty little switcheroo the China gov does (and similar regimes have also done in history) , is to link patriotism to communism and the party.

Obliviously China's culture is millennia older than Marx and his intellectually confused followers.

You hinted at the hypocrisy. Did you know that Marx traded and failed doing so ?  Growing up in the east-block and learning about this fact late - I got an erection :) ! Of course the bastard did .


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