August 20, 2020 |

Zubin Al Genubi writes: 

Mountain guides are an elite group who guide people into the mountains and backcountry around the world.  They face high risk and uncertain conditions and their job is to mitigate risk while at the same time pushing the limits of their clients to reach higher heights.

A joke among the guides is that the most dangerous situation they can find themselves in is traveling in the mountains with a group of guides.  None of them want to speak up and point out the danger they are getting into for fear of stepping on the other guide's ego, or appearing foolish and other group dynamic issues.  In fact, group dynamics is one of the most dangerous elements in backcountry travel.  Such heuristic issues as who is the leader, fear of being considered scared (when in fact there is danger), fear of looking foolish, expert syndromes, group think, familiarity heuristics, get home itis, summit fever can contribute to disaster.

A lot of the new list members appear to be high level experienced market professionals from the looks of their intro cv's.  Chair is pretty laissez faire, but it's good to contribute without worry.  If you're wrong, someone will tell you how wrong you are here, or the market will, and that is good.  

Jeffrey Hirsch writes:

Eloquent summation Zubin and inspiring. I look forward to discovering and discussing my many flaws and errors


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