August 19, 2020 |

Zubin Al Genubi writes: 

According to Chair's twitter theory the market should crash just before the election  to screw the incumbent. all the shorts (except Ralph) have gone bust. Ralph will hold and make another 400% on the break.

Covid should be bad and things will be shutting down again like Hawaii where government wants more control to convert business and get rid of excess foreign population. School kids will help the spread.

Localism and xenophobia trends should be strong and the China  cold war will depress business. Who will make our stuff? Not Detroit.

The 2-3 month away yield curve inflection reflects something about investors outlook in a negative vein short term. The inflections are new. The bull flattener scenario is in play and the long  yield continues to drop and the short end cannot.

This should give time meanwhile for  all time highs as the army of new daytraders and short covers buy at 9:45 everyday after the Euros sell US overnight. The 25 points swings are good  for daytraders.

Kevin Kirkpatrick writes: 

Regarding the supply chain in China, it is not just either China or the US. I don't have the latest update but perhaps the following article will provide some insight.

Cold war with China?!! It has moved beyond the stage of cold war. Trump administration has escalated its hostile actions against CCP but little has been reported by mainstream media and as a result most Americans have very little knowledge about what is going on around the world. I don't mean no disrespect but I tell it like it is. Trump administration finally realizes that talking to or so called negotiating with CCP will end up with nothing beneficial to the US. The most recent arresting of those CCP spies who have ties with People Liberation Army (PLA) is just the tip of the iceberg. I bet more arrests will happen. I can even say that most of the Chinese researchers coming from China in the major US research institutions have ties with the PLA and make them spies by definition. Will the escalation culminate in military conflict in South China Sea? The Jury is still out. I don't want war like many others. But sometimes it is a necessary thing to do to eradicate an enemy who is even much worse than Nazi Germany on many levels.


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