4th amendment bye bye

August 18, 2020 |


Do you own a significant amount of acreage?

Say goodbye to the Fourth Amendment because it only applies to your

residence per SCOTUS.

Trail cams can be installed on your property by State or federal

officials without a warrant. Who ever knew??

Ralph Vince writes: 

hmmm, is it that much of a stretch from a silent drone over your

property by the government or private party camming the goings on? (not

that I think that is ok either, I do not. I recommend a good co2 bb gun

for such incursions

Peter Saint-Andre writes: 

This very issue came up recently in my neighborhood (semi-rural area

outside Denver).

The answer, according to the local sheriff's office, was:

Drones are classified by the NTSB as aircraft (same as a Cesna 172 or

other small plane) which makes shooting one down a federal crime and can

lead to federal charges/fines/jail time. DON'T TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR


What if a drone appears to be recording me in my own backyard? While you

do own your property, you do not own the airspace above it.  The

airspace above your home is considered a "public thoroughfare" which

classifies it the same as a public roadway.  The courts have determined

that a there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in your open

backyard like you have inside your home, so there is nothing that can be

enforced if they are recording you on your property when it is from a

public space.

Ralph Vince writes: 

Their argument is pure intimidatory nonsense.  Pure Jesuit MO.

The reductio ad absurdum….an unknown aircraft approaches me, in my backyard, at eye level….there is clearly no federal protection, to the contrary, I have a natural right to protect myself. Similarly, a drone, several hundred feet above me, is a physical threat to me. like every other creature on earth, I assume something silently stalking me has nefarious intent.This law was no doubt paid for by Amazon with the help of deep state law enforcement another commercial interests. Flying gizmos like that should be identifiable from the ground, something with a genuine commercial purpose should have no problem being identifiable as such. Anything without you can assume has nefarious intent.I'm not comfortable with something on Mart silently hovering outside somebody's daughters window


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