A New High comes. So? Buying a new high will make money, all by itself? If this were true then after a new high another one will naturally come, always and then markets will be in a spiral going to infinity. 
Similarly, if a New Low of N days is in itself a recipe for making money, an unending series of newer lows will take that market down to zero. 
Neither zero, nor infinity have come. They wont come, we all know. 
So while Prime may be the King of Markets or say the Emperor of the Markets. It is the momentum or rate of change of prices that is the Empress of the markets. 
An emperor may sortee howsoever further into its adventures he must return back to his empress. Unless the empress is chugging along the emperor cannot keep foraying further. Any studies of price behaviour that try to emancipate mean reversion or any other haloed ideas of prices alone are incomplete. A study of how far can the Emperor and Empress digress from each other may have a few meals for a lifetime. 
How to define such a problem to make it convenient for quantification? 


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