With Trump's failure to blame the market crash on Bernie, and repeated observations that Blackrock's "ESG focus" is contributing to the Energy Crash - one wonders if the 'fall guy' for the crash is Larry Fink, a virtue/climate signaling financier who would energize Trump's base.

With BP's exit from climate council and XOP breaking well through 08 lows in an election year, and the mysterious disappearance of the word "fracking ban" from the democratic debates as well as Pelosi's behavior towards Sanders — things do appear to be setting up in an interesting manner re: an inflection point on the climate narrative.

Actions by the Trump administration to hold Blackrock and its executives liable for energy bankruptcies could result in a panicked buying move in the energy sector, and a much needed market pump. It sounds insane - but what's the alternative? Rate cuts can't stop Blackrock from divesting and exacerbating the CHK / other distressed situations.

I am toying with the idea of buying puts on Blackrock funded by a long solar company position w calls sold against them (calls extremely expensive in solar because retail loves buying them).


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