Till 7th February 2020, to begin with, anyone wanting to sell above a certain size needs permission before-hand.

Without a selling side there is no effective buy side to a spread. Fine, so this gum-mint is going to yank up the market prices. Huh! Such tricks can at most postpone the catharsis. The more a catharsis is postponed the more cataclysmic it gets.

Increasing short sales create a bubble of impetuous, emotional sporadic buying pressure because shorts do not have a long term drift to back them an eternal position. This basic axiom of markets is missed by regulators so often. A market with sufficient shorts is the market that will find sporadic rounds of panic buying to lift it much more.

In any case if no one will be buying in that market, if that's what their gum-mint thinks, then even if sales are prevented here the bids will slide down without activity. Such a market becomes hollower than it would be with normal sales allowed!

Why don't the Chinese shut down their stock market for some days then?

On the other hand, TA-35 gapped down more than 1.5% today and skidded and bumped down further. An uneasy Sunday & as Asia re-opens in four hours the intraday-violence of the markets will offer many quick hands largesses that are not often.

While the initial flight to safety has taken recourse to seek US Treasuries, melting the yield curve lower, the sell off on the Dollar Index is remarkably clearly due to the inexplicable smart one day rise in the Euro.

If Corona is the epicenter of all things now, why should Euro rise? I cannot surmise any other answer possibly except that when volatility turns into violence the popular trades in every pit are going to be bumped out. So if Euro seemed will melt into new 10 year lows its been whipped up.

Leverage is getting punished, trend seeking attitude is getting punished.

To come to the point without building a longer preamble, this juncture in the market is going to punish everything obvious. So what are the most unobvious trading ideas?

My chit in the ideas hat is short gold. The shiny pit is not reflecting the sort of behaviour a total risk-off world should. The collateral damage will be for short term gold bulls, now.

What are your unobvious ideas? Care to drop your chits in the ideas hat?


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