I moved to SF with my wife and baby 7 months ago from NYC. My wife is a member of local online mothers' club, Golden Gate Mothers' Group (GGMG), in which local moms pay $75/year to access a forum to share notes around good restaurants / neighborhoods / sites / activities / etc, and generally help each other out.

Here was a barely-surprising story related by one of the GGMG moms: We live on a very steep hill, where parking is perpendicular to the curb. Last Saturday night, we were at our neighbor's potluck party - well attended with lots of older folks and young kids, including my toddler and baby. We went home at 8 to put the kids to bed. Our car was parked in front of our house at the top of the hill. Around 10, I was asleep, but my husband heard a crash - didn't think much of it. The next day, we looked out to see my car parked at a 45-degree angle. I thought, Oh no, someone hit it. Yes, indeed. Some jerk totaled my car (which I just paid off last month). Damages are estimated to be $9,000 and the car's only worth $11K. Of course there wasn't a note. People suck. But then, the neighbors rallied and IDENTIFIED the car using security footage. A guy in an SUV was backing down the hill, rammed into my vehicle, switched drivers (probably drunk), and literally sped away back up the hill. An Uber was on the street at the same time and captured his license plate number. We filed a police report and included all this information, including the license plate number. The cop said the SF police force is understaffed, no one wants to work there, and yeah, they're not going to investigate. So this drunk driver, who totaled my car, who could have run down my children, can just go on enjoying life. So, please take note - if you hit a parked car (or a moving one, or even a pedestrian), don't worry. No one is ever coming after you. I hear this type of story a lot. "I was the victim of a property crime. I did the cops' job, tracking down who did it and collecting proof, all on my own. I presented a heap of evidence to the cops. The cops shrugged and very politely responded, 'F**k off.' AFTER I did their job for them!"

Part of SF's urban breakdown is surely due to the idiot politics of its elected officials. The SF police basically can't incarcerate anyone for anything short of attempted murder, especially after SF just elected Chesa Boudin (former Hugo Chavez speechwriter and adopted son of Bill Ayers / Bernadine Dohrn) as the new DA, whereupon he fired the 7 assistant DAs for incarcerating too many people. But the cops also just don't seem to care.

As far as I can tell, these policies and government are despised by 80%+ of working liberal San Franciscans, who strike me as fundamentally rational people, aside from attributing 90% of all weather readings to either global warming or, if it's a colder day, climate change.

But nothing changes and nobody expects anything to change.

If you live in SF, it sucks. But the moral of the story is, you couldn't dream of a better example (in the US) of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of woke liberalism in action. Every Democrat presidential candidate outside of Biden and Bloomberg wants to do to the United States what the Democrats are doing to San Francisco. If one of the idiot Democrats wins the nomination, Trump should have a full-time staff based here to log all of the stupidity that SF puts its taxpayers through. They will come up with a very original, just shocking enough, 100%-true attack ad every week.


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