Our type of guy: Max Brand

Max Brand played tennis and squash every day and based much of his writing on Homer and Shakespeare. He wrote 212 novels and was the highest paid Pulp Magazine writer of the 30s. He was larger than life, and was exceedingly generous. He lived in a Florence Villa during the 1930s before moving to Hollywood where he is best known for Destry Rides Again. Having read the book and seen the movie the book is among the best Westerns ever written. It is modeled on The Count of Monte Cristo with a man of action wrongly accused and jailed for 6 years who devotes his life to ruining and killing the 12 jurors that didn't given him a fair chance. The book ends in an Achilles Patrocles type climax. It is common to fault Brand for his westerns but I find the insight into ordinary life which Brand learned from working in every place from the Bowery in NY to dropping out as prize winner


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