Stefan Jovanovich writes:

Dec. 18, 1899

1893, 1896, 1890, 1884, 1907, 1819 and 1873. Yet, at the time, the WSJ described the first two weeks of trading in December 1899 as "the most disastrous stock decline in the history of the New York Stock Exchange."

Russ Herrold writes:

The last pre 'Roaring Twenties' cited, 1907 would have been the bank panic quelled by J P Morgan. The quote offered from him was: The markets, they will vary.

Well, of course. This 1899 sour mood arose from heavy casualties in battles against Islamist rebels in the Philippines

"The combination of the M1911 pistol and the .45 ACP round were designed in reaction to U.S. experiences against the Moro tribesmen, fanatical (and sometimes drugged) Moslem insurgents in the southern Philippines in a 14-year rebellion immediately following the ten-week Spanish-American War."

'The .45 autoloading pistol was designed in 1904 by one of our most prolific firearms geniuses, the brilliant John Moses Browning, to be used in his newly designed Colt semi-automatic pistol.' Its predecessor, used in the 1899 rebellion, was a .38 cal, (revolver) chambered in 'Long Colt', a round originally designed during the transition from black powder to 'smokeless' nitrocellulose propellants

At the time, no general deployment pistol stopped a charging Moro like the .45 ACP. Bayonets and rifles also helped, but there had not yet been the cutover from earlier black powder designs to the Mauser inspired 1903 Springfield (which Springfield required an early engineering recall of 100 pct of fielded units, to case harden the receiver to tolerate the much greater pressure of the .30-06 cartridge)

– Russ herrold


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