How can anybody in their right mind go home long spooz, over the weekend?

Cagdas Tuna writes: 

I can say there is no panic or risk in this market. Spooz, Nazzy all at the levels where they were yesterday. 

Ralph Vince writes: 

Lot of people thinking 2020 will be another monster up year, despite earnings having flatlined for the S&P in recent months, a curve that has inverted and a deteriorating employment situation.

I'm still thinking 2020 will be a big up year (unless employment starts to hemorrhage - a 50/50 proposition right now). I'm only short because I'm looking for a serious (and technical) correction.

Incidentally, that's whats going on here - a technical, not news driven one. If it were the latter, the market would have responded on news last night, instead, it didn't, it terjiversated on the news, and the technicals ruled the night.

Gary Phillips writes: 

Not so sure if complacency is a compelling reason to feel good about a long position, unless we're talking about bonds or gold.

Tuesday, (NY+4) has fairly good bearish seasonality, and could be another day where we see a geopolitical type catalyst

At least, my dark passenger is hoping so.

Ralph Vince writes: 

I think you just have to be patient on his one. It;s a Miami landing in a July thunderstorm. Just keep the seat belt really tight and enjoy the bouncing around as it comes in.


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