I became a vegan a month ago, but realized that 95% gives you 99% of the benefits and makes it a lot easier. This is true for a lot of things. The old saw says give it your all, but sometimes that is not the best.

In trading, of course, you never get it all, and trying for the last 5% can be very harmful. You never should go all in on margin and be the mouse with only one or no hole. In athletics they say give it your all, but most of the time you hold something back. You save up for the last push, for the trip home, for reserve to avoid injury, to maintain the balance of control over speed.

Few things require 110%. Dropping into a big wave requires complete commitment and going for broke. I'm sure there are others, but I can't really think of any. The margin of safety always trumps complete commitment.

In environmental clean up, the last few percent can cost more than the first 95%.


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