One should never dismiss information without reason, especially if it's information which contradicts one's preexisting beliefs in some way. Like Dexter, I have always had a "dark passenger" when it comes to trading, a diametrical tension between reason and reinforcement. It is not difficult to hold two contradictory beliefs about the direction of the market. It's the nature of the beast, not unlike Cerberus, the multi-headed dog that guards the gate to Hades.

But I'm afraid I may be addicted to this sense of being at odds with myself. Conflict can easily become a narcotic. When I attempt to forecast the future, my biases assume control and expose the flaws in my decision process. Luckily when I am trading my instincts and discipline assume control and rein in my ambiguous emotions. Somehow I still mange to make money in spite of my dichotomous self.

They say not to allow your strengths to become your weaknesses, but in my case, the real challenge is to transform my weaknesses into my strengths.


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