Thirty years ago when I was just about finishing high school and entering college, the idea of professional speculation fascinated me. A few of my classmates were sons of established stockbrokers and their forays would cause me a confusion if I should consume several several more years into structured education or just drop out of the classroom routine to hang around the curbs of the Jute Forwards market at 5 Clive Row in Kolkata (Modern Speculation in India arose really from a very active derivatives market in Jute futures almost a 150 years ago & until my college years the Jute traders were the best & biggest in this country).

So I would often go and hang around the curbs of this commodity exchange where even in the deep after hours of the formal closing bell of the exchange there would be torrential trading on the pavements and the street outside. Not just testosterone but one would distinctly feel dopamine rushes in these jaunts.

On these visits I used to notice the biggest trader in Jute in perhaps last 50 years frequently pull out a small (very small) diary like pad to look into it, jot something and keep it back in his pocket, while his trading log was always spread on a table as bulky as him. I was intrigued what was that special tiny diary.

Then six years later I had networked enough to know the CEO of one of his companies and at my earnest request to meet with the big man I was introduced to him. I asked him after having had a chance to hear him on many things, whats that special small diary he seems to maintain so well.

He said its my ledger book of time. I got totally intrigued whats a ledger book of time. He said I do a double entry accounting for my time. Each transaction with any other person or object has two elements: (1) the task or goal (2) the other is timeline. So I have dedicated pages for people I continuously and regularly deal. That's the ledger/account of key individuals. Then I have a Sundry Account where I put all other individuals. I keep 30 pages for a month extra in this tiny diary and soon as I have decided upon, agreed upon or have been given a commitment for something I enter it in two places: on the page for the date ahead and a double entry on the page of the individual.

If I have to deliver something to a person I mark him credit and if I have to receive an outcome from a person I mark him debit. My date pages with corresponding contra debits and credits provide me a quick view of how much profit I am making on my time for each day. Any time left on any page is the amount of life I am left with for that day.

I am wondering now that everything is digital, how can we put this simple idea to code and have an efficient time management weapon.


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