The alarm goes off and I am in automatic.

Drink of water
Put on 3 layers of clothing 
     with a ski mask and knit gloves
Head out the door.
It’s then, it hits me,
Time to run 
To beat the cold 
To chase the wind 
Breathe in, Breathe out 
Smell the clearness of the frozen air
Crunch through the grass
The sight of the gray trail stretches on 
As far as the cloudy darkness allows
But the path is worn 
Its depth goes beyond my hour allows
There’s pain, There’s strife 
No ones to save me, I am alone 
Stillness surrounds me
Yet I am never more alive 
There is balance in my full clip 
My heart goes to its top without tipping 
The cold air brings power to my legs 
The myriad of pains can be overcome by tapping fingers together to feel the soft knits web between them
Many lonelier pioneer than me risked all to laid down this path for me.
Today’s my day to keep my path from the wild.
The miles are all mine.
The cold, the wind, the darkness with the endless vast expanses 
There are always possibilities 
To go on.
When the long night is over and the sun is back
I’ll give it back to you.
When the flowers are in bloom 
The path will be shared by many others 
While most wait for dawn, it was all mine
To test me, to keep me going on this longest night.
Merry Christmas to all the lonely traders on this long night,


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