Pheasant season just opened in Slab City and right on the tick of 5:51 AM of the shooter's time table a salute of fifty shotgun blasts startled me from sleep in the weeds. The shooting continued for the next thirty minutes until I decided to risk rising, and on peeking out the bushes discovered hunters stationed every quarter mile for as far as the eye can see. Every few minutes a hawk sound screamed through the air and dozens of bats flicked off the branches. The hunters were using hawk callers to uproost the pheasants, but hawks also hunt bats. It was a wonder the hunters didn't shoot each other, but as they didn't I felt safe in rising and walking out the battlefield. The scene put me in mind of the sheriffs chasing fugitives through Slab City. There are so many citizens on the run, that the sheriffs 'shake the bushes' out their loudspeakers, 'We know you're in there, come out with your hands up!.' The sheriffs are nearly as successful as the bat hawks who capture prey on 40% of their attempts. They don't necessarily catch the fugitive their looking for, but they get one.


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