Disguises, from Bo Keely

November 29, 2018 |

Slab City is crawling with spies for the military, feds, police, and for Slabbers. The local town dick may be identified by her large breasts. All the undercover people look, dress, and party harder than the true citizens, and are hard to pick out. The only real cues are their hard pistol callous on the heel of hand, and they cannot hide an extremely high innate intelligence, which unfortunately is also prevalent among the residents.

Most of the spies are inserted long term here, but have arrived in the past two years in conjunction with thefts from the military base and macabre murders in the Slabs. You'll see tattoos appear and disappear overnight as part of their disguises. In regard to the recent decapitation of the knife sharpener, someone else found a head with a mop of curls on the ground not far from my camp. A neighbor approached it, was freaked out, and went for a stick to probe it. His companion kicked it and screamed in pain, for it was a stone with a wig on top. They called me to investigate and the wig looked exactly like my hair that had been cut two days earlier down the road. I didn't want to touch it either, but returned the next day, and on examining the wig it was not my hair but the ugliest piece I've ever seen. I took it to camp and washed it, and bought a balloon to stick it on in a window when I'm absent. I wear a different wig when I leave town so I won't be recognized and my place robbed.


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