I am thankful for the blessing of healthy children who are driven, intelligent and ambitious.

The ability to make money and create the world I want for myself, my family, my clients and my employees.

Good parents who raised me well, even in bad circumstances. Parents who gave me a work ethic and a drive to succeed and build on their legacy of hard work.

The lessons, friendships and business relationships I've made being a part of this group!

These are a few that come to mind.

How about the rest of you?

Russ Sears writes: 


A family that loves me and is healthy.

Friends and family that are motivated and cheer me on when I succeed and pull me back together when I fail.

Love is miraculous when you're healthy and see the miracle of life in your children.

Life and the energy to enjoy it. Almost every morning I run 7 miles at 56 years old. Each morning I am grateful and amazed what the human body can do.

The wealth of the time and place I am living. The technology, knowledge and wisdom that has come before me, and I have had the chance to see marvels upon marvels developed during my life.

I propose a thankfulness hypothesis and leave it as an exercise to the reader to prove or disprove on an individual basis. Billy Graham believed that worry was usually due to a lack of gratitude. Or failure to see the reality of how blessed we are, only seeing the problems at hand. Hence I suspect that the Santa rally comes from the thankful spirit of these holiday season. The individual test for a trader therefore is when you're most worried, take a few moments like this to be thankful and see if that will clear your head and help you trade better.

I am thankful I'm a part of this site!


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