Marie Curie, from Jeff Watson

October 24, 2018 |

 An interesting article on how Marie Curie spent WW1 learning radiology and setting up portable x-ray machines to attend to the wounded soldiers.

Pitt T. Maner III writes: 

Ironic that one of Madame Curie's daughters, Irene, developed leukemia from probable exposure to x-rays too and likely radioactive material (lab explosion) and died even younger than her mother at the age of 58.

Madame Curie's other daughter Eve, the non-scientist/pianist, however lived to be 102.

1) From Eve Curie wiki–'She sometimes joked that she brought shame on her family. "There were five Nobel Prizes in my family," she joked, "two for my mother, one for my father, one for [my] sister and brother-in-law and one for my husband. Only I was not successful…".

Apparently all of M. Curie's descendants have been at the genius level–even the living great, grand children.


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