For those on the list following the Birds, they are finally above .333 on their win-loss percentage. But I have great faith in these boys of 2018, and if they make an effort at it, I'm sure they will continue to pursue and exceed the 1962 Mets record for the most losses in a season (at least I think it's the Mets). After all, those arms are only going to get weaker with the further along we go in the season. Not that they were ever strong to begin with. Actually, pretty weak to begin with.

There is one upside to this season of ignomy: It is almost impossible (though I'm sure there may be only a non-zero (read: epsilon) chance) to imagine the GM Danny Duquette surviving into next year. Even Peter Angelos will be hard pressed to excuse the miserable team that goes under the name of the Baltimore Orioles.

And when the end of the season comes and the Os have successfully displaced the 1962 Mets, I suggest noting the epicenter of the strongest earthquake experienced on the East Coast of the United States in millennia. It will be at Earl Weaver's grave.


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