"Payroll Tax Receipts Growth"

Reconciling macroeconomics and "job chatter", understand that the data do not support the enthusiasm of the news. Everywhere there are reports that the number of job openings outweigh the numbers of those looking to be employed. That may be the case, but the fact is that they are not being employed. Not yet at least. Maybe it is because the prospective American workers are unqualified (e.g. cannot pass the drug tests).

Whatever the reason, the jobs are not getting filled. That will change, but it may require some technology to assist the new workers. The trick is to make the job simpler for the unqualified, but no so much so that their jobs can be taken over by robots.

There are countries that have significant growth, and it is usually where the education system has provided the students with more than a sense of entitlement. Pardon my pessimism. We are actually quite bullish, but we would appreciate it if the numbers confirmed. Soon.





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