The Dollar, from Jim Sogi

August 13, 2018 |

 The dollar is strong and looks like its getting stronger. CAD is .76 NZD is .66, Eur is down to 1.14. Not sure if this is good or bad. Using the big mac scale, prices in Canada were high, but their economy is suffering. They rely on resource extraction, and its a losing economy, because once the resource is gone, the place is ruined, the multinationals leave, and the local get the shaft. Land is cheap in Canada. By the way, the Okanogan wines are fantastic.

I'm heading to New Zealand, and will report, but its getting really popular down there with Chinese. Busloads of very loud and arrogant acting tourists with expensive clothes fill tourist spots. Land used to be quite cheap but has boomed over the last few years. Gas was over 8/gal.

Last year, Japan was really cheap. Cars are cheap. Hotels are under 100, meals are cheap. People work incredibly long hours there. You see the same people working the restaurants early in the morning and late at night. They are polite, but there is a weird underlying tension. in Japan, French wine is $7 a bottle from the prime regions.

Someone once said if there are major tectonic shifts occurring, look to the currencies. With rising rates, one can understand the strength of the dollar.


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