Printed 715 USD or 597 EUR–close to 50% in two days. Not a bad move in my investment book.

So whats next–Do we listen to naysayers? Do we look at the yield curve? Do we look at ECB buying bonds? Do we look at FED raising rates? Do we look at sales for the local pizza store, or how much 3-D printing there is out here?

By now, one has understood, that none of the above matters at this point in-time, and may never do. No, what works is the behaviour of price action as there are (clear) enough with clues of directional moves. Buyers&Sellers are watching price points, breakouts, momentum, retracement levels, sentiment chatter and possibly overbought/oversold territories.

Depending on your time-horizon, you could buy&hold, or take off some betting chips in the very short term. The crypto train will have retracements along the way, but the fundamental question is, whether this asset is a good way of adding diversification or some portion of spice in the portfolio for the long haul. Is this the beginning of a wide spread alternative investment vehicle that will outshine the internet boom era between 95-00?

Perhaps. For now we ride the trend until proven wrong and we don't resort to all kinds of mumbo jumbo, explanations of the past (even though good lessons can be learned) or general "I missed the move" and therefore this crypto thing is bogus. Spare the bullshit, eh. Everyone has their way/style of increasing the value of their investments, and that's the only thing that matters. You can talk, or you can act.


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