Many specs are expert on geography. I wish I knew more of the subject. One of the best books I am reading is Tom McKnight, Darrel Hess Physical Geography. I like to read books on spatial statistics as a useful byproduct. The main technique seems to be to make a football type grid with two perpendicular lines N.S and E.W and then to count within each part of the grid and do correlations.

I recall with fondness my connection with Russ Shields who when chair and founder of Navtech hired 75% of all the geography graduates in each year. The books I have on political geography, economic geography, historical geography, and politica geography (I have Glassner's) are endlessly fascinating to me. I always admire those I meet who can locate and navigate to any place in the world that they visit without any aids except the mind's eye. (Susan is one of them) although that ability is not quite as valuable now that the computer directions (from Navtech) and G are so ubiquitous.

And venerable, great Jim Lorie who had a Churchillian wit, (and gave the eulogy lecture at UC when Churchil died always liked to ask geography majors when he met them "what is the capital of this state or that?"

Looking at the performance of each country in a year is a fascinating exercise in geography as it's almost like seeing a map with the closer the countries the higher the correlation of the market and as you move from east to west, the correlation becomes increasingly negative with for example the US and Russia always quite negative in a year.


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