My wife's family experienced severe flooding. They did not live in a flood plain. It took the community over a decade to recover.

Their most challenging issue was silt. It got into everything. It found its way into walls, insulation, floors, and ceilings. To restore a flooded home, walls and insulation had to be removed. In many cases, it was easier to level the house and build a new structure on the existing foundation.

The problem with silt is its composition. While the flood originated with fresh water, it found its way into sewer systems, oil storage, and everything else. When the water receded, bacteria and oil-laden silt was left behind.

As you can imagine, some attempted to "fix" their homes without removing the silt. A decade later, you could still smell an odor inside the home, particularly when it rained. They paid when they attempted to sell the home. The lesson is you'll pay me now, or you'll pay me later.

The community included the corporate headquarters for Corning Glass. They used their technical, financial, and political resources to help rebuild the community. It did not matter if you were employed by the company or owned the local florist shop, the company was there for you. Their sense of community was never forgotten.


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