TwiEngine, from Sam Humbert

March 23, 2007 |

Here is a handy utility worth a look: TwiEngine. It fetches both Google & Yahoo! search results and presents them in a split-screen format. It is in the spirit of DogPile and the other old-school metasearch tools, but confined to the two engines currently in widespread use.

However, it's a shoestring operation (he uses he uses — presumably to save $50 or so) so it will probably fail under traffic as word gets around in the weeks to come.

Alston Mabry adds:

I'm trying out TwiEngine, and noticed that Yahoo search produces lots of cheesy websites that were set up just to capture web search attempts and then hit you with advertising. Some of them even automatically redirect you to specific sites.

Google filters these out, but in the process also filters out some valid links. Having not used Yahoo in a long time, I did not know about the endless supply of sites returned on any given search.


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