Growing up, my family's next door neighbor was the family Norman Currey, a jolly Englishman who worked as an engineer at Lockheed in Marietta, Georgia.

Up until this Christmas I hadn't seen him for decades, but now, at age 91, he lives in the same senior community as my mom. So I got to see him this past Christmas. I was stunned that this man could be 91 years old, as his mind was not only crystal clear but also quite engaged in some productive activities. He told me he was working on publishing a book on the history of aviation, written in a fun style for the layman.

Lo and behold, his book was published four days ago on Amazon. It looks very professionally done. There are not only hardback and paperback options but also a kindle version, which appears very well formatted.

I just ordered a hardback version. Meanwhile I've read bits and pieces from Amazon's preview. Looks like it's going to be a very fun book to read:

Airplane Stories and Histories by Norman Currey


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