No one in the official world of literature really liked Timothy Snyder's book when it came out in 2010. The NY Times reviewer complained that Snyder had not given sufficient attention to the post WW-II persecution of Jews by Stalin. The New Republic thought he had failed to explain the differences between German military behavior in the West and in the East.

What Snyder did was go through the surviving archive records (mostly Nazi and Soviet) AND everything else written in English, German, Yiddish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Russian, and French. He wanted to find out what had happened to the people living between Berlin and Moscow in the years between 1933 and 1945. By his calculation 14 million people who were not soldiers died in those there during those years. In addition, half of all the soldiers killed in WW II died on what is now called the Eastern Front.

Today is the anniversary of what is, by the tally of those years, a relatively insignificant event: 1943: The massacre of Janowa Dolina


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