All journalists will know The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. William Strunk was a professor at Cornell and my grandfather had the good fortune to study under him as did E. B. White. White later went on to compile Strunk's notes into this gem of a book, as well as write many of his own books like Charlotte's Web. My grandfather, an admirer of both gentlemen, always kept a copy close by and recommended I do the same. Recently, I found a used copy at a bookstore and purchased it for one dollar, though I felt guilty the price was so low. Though not quite 100 years-old, it nonetheless qualifies as time-tested wisdom.

Heuristics add to the style of trading just as they do writing. In that spirit here are some of Strunk's and White's rules along with ideas on how they apply to trading. The whole book can be read in a few hours and is well worth the effort.


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