Like all movies that win an Oscar, Manchester by the Sea was very anti business. The funeral director was a fraud and tried to exploit them. They showed Joe's boss exploiting him by keeping all the money his plumbers should have shared in and working him beyond the law. Middle class women of non-color behaved depraved with the lower class janitor. There was so much funeral stuff in the movie and a wishy washy conclusion.

Gregory Van Kipnis writes: 

The anti-business elements are just incidental trite caricatures. This story is about the consequences of guilt in the tradition of Dickens and Dostoevsky. The bigger point than the slice of life details of people gaming each other (trite caricatures), is that he wanted to be exploited and he didn't care to be liked anymore. His willingness was born out of unshakable guilt. Drugs and alcohol caused him to let go of his normal commonsense precautions. He screwed up and he realized it. Despite being mush-headed from the excesses earlier that night he chose to not go back and double check the replacement of the fireplace screen. That overwhelming guilt destroyed his life and his desire to have relationships. At one moment he wanted to kill himself then he shifted and chose to live out life time of self imposed punishment.





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  1. Marion D S Dreyfus on March 7, 2017 7:52 am

    These remarks assume everyone is familiar with the story and the characters and the development. Many people are not. So these comments, while erudite, are confusing overall, and fail to convey the basics of the film to an unknowing reader. The majority of the movie-going audience has not yet seen this film, nor the ‘winner,’ “Moonlight,” which struck this viewer as unexceptional, or “LA LA Land,” also uninspiring in contrast to the giant emotional productions of the ’40s, ’50s and ’89s.


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