"Sorry, the ‘January Barometer’ Is a Market Myth"

John Bollinger comments: 

I applaud the work of Messrs. Harvey and Hulbert and others of their ilk and I encourage them to be even more vociferous. Over the past several decades I have successfully used many of the tools and techniques that they denigrate. Investing/trading is a hard business and if they want to scare off the competition and help me maintain my edge I say "Go guys, go! Give it your best.".

As for Yale: It is true that Yale included the sample in the forecast in the early versions of his work, a forecasting no-no for which he has been tarred and feathered. I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions and my impression was that he was quite bright and capable, so I always wondered if he didn't do that on purpose, deliberately throwing a wrench into the works…

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  1. astro the dog on January 13, 2017 9:22 am

    5 Presidents from Yale,

    8 Presidents from Harvard.

    13 out of 45 so far, 33%…now we know whats wrong with this great nation.


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