Liquidity, from Jim Sogi

November 30, 2016 |

 On a trip I met a Swiss insurance guy and we had an interesting discussion. He said that the elites are shooting out way ahead of the masses and accumulating excess cash. They are not able to spend it, are are not really able to invest it productively leaving excess unused non productive capital. This seemed like a powerful idea to me. Negative rates, low interest are either causes or results of the glut. Some of the super rich are trying to use their excess wealth to change the world, such as Gates, or the FB guy in medical research. Chair likes to say capital goes to good use, but here is an anomaly resulting from too much cash. It's the idea that it just starts piling up….you just can't spend it fast enough. Like the scene in that movie about the drug dealers having all the cash sitting in basements and rotting away. It's like money in bank accounts, rotting away.

anonymous writes: 

Or finding its way to equities, despite rate-driven, developed pre-08 models. The ocean of money is coming down the canal, and ultimately must capitulate, having nowhere else to go but the certain, inexorable attrition of it.





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