First Brexit, then Trump, now Fillon in France. The political pendulum swings - a reader

I think we're witnessing something bigger than a pendulum swinging — I think we're watching a major, glacial, cultural shift going on now, around the planet larger than politics, where the last vestiges of the last century are being slowly self-lulled into extinction, and many other things are going on.

I think the "ZIRP minus minus" world, the survival of the ending of easing, and other "perfect storm" factors are colliding to make for an explosive rise in asset values sans a corresponding rise in rates, that may persist for decades.

The greatest free-market transference of wealth in human history is already upon us for those willing to assume risk, who will be followed by legions of those who must assume ever-greater risk to keep up with the times. Never have there been such powerful feedback and driving mechanisms that have fallen into place.

And as I've said here, I think most people are on the wrong side of this, are cautious and doubtful, which further buttresses the case. As I mentioned yesterday, the "Snowflake" generation (who I regard as the new "greatest generation") are modern-day Spartans of productivity, trained in it from birth. I have infiltrated their camps, I have gone in and worked with them for months at a time, wanting to learn this-or-that (and getting paid to do it) telling myself that when I leave, I leave knowing what they know (oh, yes indeed this coerced humility from me!) and I walked out the doors with heir brains in mason jars, amazed at their work ethic, embarrassed by my own in comparison. Every preceding generation had "no such thing as dumb questions," but theirs.

What an engine, what a perfect storm, what a cultural cusp we are upon.

Steve Jovanovich adds:

There is no pendulum. History has neither meter nor rhythm; there is only the sequence of events and the probabilities that those contain. Was it probable that the Europeans would have imperial civil war among themselves in the first decades of the 20th century? Absolutely; they had been practicing for one with mass armies for more than a century. Was it predictable that war would begin because of an assassination in the Balkans in the summer of 1914? Absolutely not. If Paddy Power had been offering odds, they would have been worse than Trump's were 2 months ago. AFTER hearing the news of Sarajevo, both the German Kaiser and the British Foreign Minister thought it was a good time to take their summer holidays.

As for Scott's theory about the MSM being permanently out of touch, they are what they have been ever since the Ochs family decided that they should get into the business of buying ink and paper - the voice of the people who own the cities. Their trouble is that, unlike the cockroaches, they cannot easily move to the country. "The news" of the Trump election is that, for the first time in 14 censuses, the areas of the country with above median population density are showing lower growth rates than those with below median density. The major urban cores and the near-in suburbs are losing the race with the towns, villages and exurbs. And, as our host and others have kindly taught us all, the trend is all.





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