"Navy SEALs explain how your ego can destroy everything"

I was a lifeguard at Coney Island beach and Brighton beach (Brooklyn) for 5 summers from 2008 to 2012. There are about 1000-ish lifeguards patrolling this 2.5-mile continuous stretch of beach. All lifeguards are selected based on a swim test which is being able to quickly swim 440 meters (about 18 laps in a 25-meter pool.) If you can swim that distance in less than 7:40 then you can work at a pool and if you can swim it in under 6:40 then you can work at a beach. This meant that most of the lifeguards were about 17-22 y.o. high-energy males and the location meant that you had a very wide range of personalities.

The 2.5-mile beach is split into 22 bays and each bay had a leader-lifeguard who had a few lifeguards under him. With reference to this video, I think the personality trait that I most often saw in the leaders was that they were always accepting responsibility for their followers and also they were always communicating and working with their superiors. Those who couldn't do that were quickly turned back into the followers and a new leader was selected. Those

It's rare for me so find such a good message in a video this brief so I really enjoyed it and thought I'd share. Does anyone have experience with this kind of blame-everything-away vs accept-all-responsibility attitude? Or does anyone have any critique of this guy's explanation? I would be interested in hearing.





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